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New Testament Assembly England responds to Montego Bay Church Tragedy

[Saturday 23rd October 2021]

This week, news emerged out of Montego Bay, Jamaica of a fatal incident at a cult-like Religious Service which took place on the 17/10/2021 at the Pathways International Foundation Kingdom Restoration Ministries, presided over by Dr. Kevin Smith. This missive is in response to the incident, and to address the matter of a past visit by Dr. Kevin Smith to the New Testament Assembly (NTA) in Tooting, South London.

First and foremost, we are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life in this case, and for the broken and wounded people left in its wake. May God give comfort to those who mourn, and a speedy return to full health for those in recovery. We further urge prayer for the children who have been traumatised by what they witnessed at this Organisation, for the immediate community impacted by the news, and for the wider Island of Jamaica. The disturbing and shocking circumstances surrounding this event have left many of us in the diaspora, deeply troubled and in utter disbelief.

We are aware that videos with Dr. Kevin Smith ministering at the NTA England Annual Convention in 2008, are circulating on Social Media. These videos were uploaded onto the P.C.C.Network YouTube channel owned by Pathways International Foundation Kingdom Restoration Ministries and therefore are beyond our control to remove. Understandably, from the various comments posted in recent days regarding Dr. Smith’s somewhat bizarre behaviour, and the alleged ritual killing of two church members, those following the media narrative have been left upset, perplexed and disappointed to learn of this leader’s past connection with New Testament Assembly, England. The resurfacing of these videos from 2008 serves as a painful reminder of the reputational damage caused by Dr. Smith’s visit to the New Testament Assembly in London. At the time, and during a subsequent review of Dr. Smith’s ministry, concerns about the controversial nature of it were raised. With hindsight, NTA acknowledges - with regret - that adequate checks were not made about Dr. Smith. He was barely known to the NTA Organisation at the time but was afforded significant latitude and influence over the meeting. Needless to say, that the lessons learned in that season have led to tighter scrutiny, and more robust vetting of future visiting ministers to NTA churches.

The leadership of the New Testament Assembly England hereby states: We have no formal, legal, denominational, or network links to Pathways International Foundation Kingdom Restoration Ministries. Dr. Smith has never held a ministerial credential with our Organisation. NTA has chosen critical distance from the unscriptural practices of this Organisation, and in no way do we endorse or support the opinions, views, teachings, and behaviour of Dr. Kevin Smith. We categorically oppose the use of psychological coercion, emotional manipulation, and control over the minds, decisions, and choices of adherents to our churches. We urge members and friends who may have been adversely affected by the tragic event or the media coverage, not to hesitate in contacting us with your requests for any further clarification or help.

Grace and Peace

Delroy A Powell

National Presiding Bishop

New Testament Assembly England

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