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The New Testament Assembly was first established in Jamaica West Indies in 1954. The church which has its roots in the USA was birth out of resistance to the unacceptable racial inequalities and injustice that existed at that time.[1]  Among the founders of NTA were the late Bishop Melvin L Powell and Bishop Donald E Bernard who traveled to England in 1961 and planted the NTA on British soil in the same year. From its humble beginning in the living room of the home in Balham, South London of the Reverend Alfred Doyley (deceased) and Mrs. Kathrine Doyley, NTA has grown into a global organization with churches and ministries across four continents.  As well as being known for its vibrant worship and Christian witness, NTA has a long and recognised history of community engagement and Christian social action. Pioneering women like the late Dr. Iolene Smith, Bishop Esme Beswick, and Rev Nezlin Sterling will long be remembered for their indispensable contribution to the innovative role that NTA played in intercultural ecumenism and the high regards that it holds among mainstream denominations.

The mantle of leadership subsequently fell on the shoulders of the late Bishop David W Greaves who presided over the organisation from 1999-2013 [2].  He was succeeded by the present incumbent, Bishop Delroy A Powell. Over the years 14 churches were planted across London and the Midlands and in some instances other independent churches were received into the fellowship. Several properties were purchased most of which are now mortgage-free.   

It is by the grace of God and the empowering of the Holy Spirit that our pioneers and other individuals and families, through much prayer, sacrifice and labour established the NTA. For over six decades countless lives have been transformed by the simple faith, courage, and humility of ordinary folks like these, who were committed to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed.


[1] Reddie, R S. 2012 From an Acorn to an Oak Tree 2012 Publisher: New Testament Assembly

[2] A Panegyric_Bishop David Whitfield Greaves: A Man of Integrity

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