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Fuel 2022 - Consecrate (7 Days Prayer & Fasting)

On the threshold of the Promised Land, God said to His people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” Joshua 3:5 NIV

God is doing amazing things regardless of what we do. When we consecrate ourselves to God, we come in alignment with what He is doing in the earth. He will do things in us, with us, for us, and through us that will utterly amaze us. It’s great that we want to do amazing things for God but the truth is that God wants to do amazing things for us. That’s His job, not ours. Our job is to consecrate.

That is why we are devoting these 7 days early into the new year to fasting and prayer. This will be followed by 7 Friday Midnight Prayer sessions.


Our aim in 2022 is to raise the level and fervency of prayer across our churches with everyone taking personal responsibility for their “consecration” and prayer life. We want to start well and finish strong and believe that this kind of prayer formation is crucial to achieving this. Ultimately we believe that as we use this time to reflect, repent and consecrate this will pave the way to revival, renewal and restoration.

The Programme

7 Days Prayer and Fasting 9th -15th Jan

Participants are encouraged to fast from 6am until 6pm for the duration of the week of Consecration (please see Fasting Guide). Virtual cooperate prayer sessions will take place via Zoom each morning at 6am-7am and evening 8pm- 9.30pm. Except Saturday 15th January when we will gather at the Sanctuary NTA Tooting for an extended time of Prayer and Praise from 10am to 1pm.

Zoom details: Meeting ID: 821 0013 4584


FUEL 22: Friday Midnight Prayer

Commencing on Friday 21/1/2022 until Friday 5/3/22 we will meet online from 12.00 to 01.00 for an hour of corporate prayer.

Zoom details: Meeting ID: Meeting ID: 839 3795 5442

Passcode: TARRY

We believe this will be an affirming time of grace and tangible strength for us as we come together to commune with the Lord as one body.

Great grace to you!

NTA National Prayer Team.

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