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Week of fasting and prayer

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Rehoboth theme is already in the consciousness of many our people following May’s amazing retreat. The prophetic Rehoboth word is both a promise from God but also be a promise to God.

Rehoboth is a victory declaration by Isaac from Genesis 22 that means “God has made room”. Just last Sunday, the Rehoboth word was echoed in one of our NTA branch services - this time from the prayer of the pain-stricken Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4.9-10 when he earnestly asked The Lord to “enlarge his territory”. It will not be the last time!

We also want to delve into this in the week of prayer taking place between Saturday the 12th and Friday the 18th of August. Over the 7 days, we will be waiting on the Lord in fasting and prayer for instruction and inspiration for the times that lie ahead.

Please join us in setting aside time and withdrawing from life’s daily routine and rigour to seek more of The Lord’s will and intention. The 7 days will feature Zoom sessions every evening between 8 pm and 9.30 pm with an in-person event on Friday the 18th of August from 7.00 pm till 10.00 pm.

May our Lord make room for you as you courageously walk the narrow but sure path of life. May He broaden the dimensions of your life in holiness. May He cause you to experience more of His inexhaustible living waters in our parched times and quench your thirst as our souls pant for Him.

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Prayer Schedule 

Understanding the Rehoboth grace

Gen 26:22 - And he removed from thence, and digged another well; and for that they strove not: and he called the name of it Rehob
oth; and he said, For now the Lord hath made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.

The Rehoboth grace is both a process and an event, a moment as well as a journey.
Let us take
time today to reflect deeply on the passage above as well as looking at your personal passage through the year 2023 so far :

  1. 1. Offer thanks first as an individual that will give account and as a part of a church and a family. Re-watch and think back to January's week of prayer themed "the faith that works" and the Easter conference entitled "time to rise". How have these events affected your walk this year?

  2. Thank Him in granular detail for everything that has come your way this year. Thank Him for the things and experiences that you may not yet have mentioned in the open or as a testimony.

  3. Thank Him for that which is deeply personal to you, the unsaid goodness that may not impress others as much as it impresses you.

  4. Acknowledge and thank Him for evident growth in your life as a believers- maturity, overcoming personal failings that compromise the promise of God. In the same vein, confess any sin and errors in your life expecting to receive mercy to be cleansed and strengthened. If need be, go a step further and reach out to anyone who may have been affected and hurt in as a result of what you have done. It is a sign of maturity and grace to do so.

  5. Have you had any Sitnah (strife) or Esek (contention) moments recently? Have you had any experiences which have led you to peacefully "move on" or "step away" from what may rightfully be yours? A scenario in which you have resisted the urge to do things your way or the conventional way at great loss to yourself? How have they affected your view of the promises of God? Genesis 26.20-21, Mark 10.30,  2 Timothy 3.12, Jude 1.3
    6. Pray for the grace for those in what seems like a prolonged time of waiting
    John 5.6 (Jesus is not insensitive to time and prolonged waiting)
    Luke 7.20  (Are you the one or shall we expect another?)
    Psalm 79.10

       1 Peter 5.10


Fasting Guide

You could choose to do  a 24 hour fast each day (depending on your health and ability).

For example 12 midnight to 12 midnight the following day; or 6pm to 6pm the following day etc.

If you have a medical condition that could be affected by fasting, please seek medical advice before doing so


DRY FAST: This is where you abstain from food and fluids during the hours of your fast.

PARTIAL FAST: You could choose to abstain from food only but take sips of water and fluids (water alone is preferable, but if you drink other fluids, non-acidic drinks such as cranberry juice,  and some green teas are suggested. They will neutralise the acids produced in your gut and the water will flush your system of all the toxins and free radicals that have built up)



A few days to the start of your fast, it is advisable to begin to cut down on the type, amount, and frequency of food that you consume. Aim for something light in the morning and evenings especially.

Once your fasting starts, your stomach will begin to contract, especially during longer periods of fasting. Therefore, it is advisable to break your fast with light, bland foods, warm (no caffeine) drinks and vegetables. Acidic fruits like oranges , apples etc. may not be a good idea.

SCREEN FAST: Fasting is not just about abstaining from food and drink; it is also about receiving from God and hearing from God. So, do your best to stay away from TV and social media during this time. You will be amazed at the transformation.

Abstaining from TV, unnecessary phone calls and social media is a critical part of fasting. convert these times into praying, studying the bible and meditating in it, as you train your spirit to be quiet before god

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It is an important spiritual exercise to subdue the appetites and pleasures of the flesh and allows your spirit to come alive.


It is a discipline of allowing your spiritual senses to be activated such that your connection with God and your ability to align with Him is enabled.


Fasting is not effective if it is not accompanied by prayer. Fasting positions your heart to receive and prayer allows you to tap into the frequencies of God and manifest His glory here on earth.

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